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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday October 22nd  1935:
Went Rocklands right after breakfastand fixed spring and U bolt. Back into town and tookDon to hospital. After lunch Elwin Sid and I went out and cut posts etc for horse events and carted to dip yard. Cleaned up. Had tea at Reilly’s in honour of Daph’s birthday. Hot steamy weather.
Wednesday October  23rd  1935:
Did some more work over at dip yard this morning getting ready for sports. Very hot weather. Big crowd coming into town. Did some writing this afternoon.
Thursday October 24th  1935:
Soent nearly all of the morning and most of the afternoon in putting up posts, flags, barrels etc for races. Went to the hall at night for awhile.
Friday October 25th  1935:
Got some more work done overv at yards and everything nearly ready. Got things ready for cutting sandwiches. Played drume at night in hall.
Saturday October 26th  1935:
Our big day.  And a most successful one. Biggest crowd in Camooweal for long time. Up at daybreak. Out to Rocklands. Started bullocks in. Carted everything to ground. Started at 12am. Finished at 6.30 having to abandon 5 events. Came 2nd myself in flag race. Noone seriously hurt. Successful night in hall. Jean White won comp.
Sunday October 27th  1935:
A hot day after yesterday. All tired. Cleaned up a bit. Held S.School. Slept in afternoon. A swim later. Planes arrived. No service at night.
Monday October 28th  1935”
The clean up started today.Carted all things back and returned borrowed articles. Banked a nice sum of money. Very hot so all went for swim. Had to drag dead bullock away. Played tennis.
Tuesday October 29th  1935:
Another day of cleaning upand writing etc and finalizing. A swim at night. Went to school for R.I. Played tennis.
Wednesday October 30th  1935:
Rush brothers arrived today and are on the war path but not having it all their own way. Synnotts car out of action  with cracked cy;inder head so I am attending planes. Played tennis.

Thursday October 31st  1935:
Plane again this morning. Went out for swim at night.
Friday November 1st  1935:
Having big clean up today as Mostert family arrive tomorrow, so must have verything in order for mother. After lunch all went out to Rocklands and had some tennis, then a swim. Stayed to tea.
Saturday November 2nd  1935:
Cleaned up inside this morning and Mostert family moved in. Rickleton and I are underneath mending puncture in car.
Sunday November 3rd  1935:
A day off as left town to Brother. Wen to Richmonds for day. Branding and swimming. Put big hole in tank on way home.
Monday November 4th  1935:
All day in taking petrol tank out, soldering hole and replacing, but think made a good job.
Tuesday November  1935:
Another hot day. Have to spend half the morning in taking patients to hospital. Visited hospital.
Wednesday November 6th  1935:
Hospital and running around town visiting. Did some writing. Met plane. Held meeting in hall at night, presented balance sheet and arranged a girl comp.
Thursday November 7th  1935:
Writing during the times not running after folk to hospital. Visited a few places. Went Rocklands for swim afterwards. Big storm worked up at night.
Friday November 8th  1935:
In town. Usual routine. Brothers very active. Working in Jim Synnotts car. Finished at night. Sunday November  10th  1935:
First Sunday of opposition. Two S.S and Church services. C of E very upset but their own fault.
Monday November 11th  1935:
Brother hoped to hold service but noone turned up. A quiet day otherwise. Popular Girl Comp going well. Printing tickets as hard as ever.
Tuesday / Wednesday  November 12 / 13   1935:
In town.  R.I at school. Getting ready to go into Mt Isa.
Thursday November 14th  1935:
Laft at 5am taking Burrs, Essie and Joe Sealyn. A hot day and very sleepy. Several passengers sick. Big crowd in Mt Isa hospital. Pagey on plane. Met and took her to hospital. Matron on plane very sick. Auntie Pearl in town. All went pictures at night.
Friday November 15th  1935:
A day in Mt Isa. Business for self and everyone else. Called at Moores. Visited Mines / town hospital. Pictures at night.
Saturday November 16th  1935:
Unable to get out of town before 3pm. Well loaded up. Auntie Pearl and Iris Farrell on. Home at 11pm. Fair run.
Sunday November 17th  1935:
Nice crowd at S.S still holding majority. Swim in afternoon. Service at night. Fair crowd.
Monday November 18th  1935:
Working today at home. Putting up verandah posts and fixing new chimney flue. Mrs Larsen asked me to take her to Mt Isa.
Tuesday November 19th  1935:
Left this morningtaking Larsens, Mrs Seeary and Bricky in. A good run. In by 11.30am. Put Bricky in hospital. Visited others. Mrs Cronin very much improved. Pictures at night.
Wednesday November 20th  1935:
A day in Isa. Visiting and doing business. Kept going. Did some writing. Went hospital.

Thursday November 21st  1935:
Left early with Mrs Leeary and 2 Cronins. Good run. Home for lunch. Dented plate covering flywheel. Took off and straightened out. Delivered parcels etc. Cleaned up.


Saturday November 30th  1935:
Got some mail written and posted and did some jobs around the town. After lunch went to Hallins and started on Keiths plane. A rather difficult job. Got hall ready for lodge and attended meeting. Fair number present. Slept over at Synnotts.
Sunday December 1st  1935:
(1130 miles)
A hot day. Usual nice crowd at S.S. Grace and Tibby turned up. Lunch at Synnotts. Harry Foster arrived. Miss Howden going away. Fixed hall for Church. Nice crowd there. Big storm worked up at night. Had to shift upstairs and later Synnotts sent over for me. Jim and party arrive at 4am. Plane arrives 4 days late.
Monday December 2nd  1935:
Had to walk home after breakfast as Synnotts car not keen on starting there being in wet all night. Mucky conditions everywhere. Walked for milk. Car going later. Took Robby up to hospital. Did some more writing and got a/c’s made up. Went for drive and then home and got voting books finished.
Tuesday December 3rd  1935:
Still on writing today with usual numerous breaks. Visited school for R.I. Got Lodge books and brought them up to date. Got School Comp books out and everything ready for meeting at night. Held it in  School room. Bonny’s party in C.W.A hall. Went there for awhile. Drive and home to bed. A bit more done on Keith’s plane.
Wednesday December4th  1935:
Mail in today although roads still in bad condition. Harry Foster returned at tea time. Got a lot more writing done and a/c’s paid and posted away. Mended punctures and fixed tyres and tubes in car. Expected to have Rodeo meeting at night but although went down decided it best to postpone for a few days. Went for drive and home to bed.
( I assume the almost daily drives are with Eileen / mum)
Thursday December 5th  1935:
Spent a busy morning getting ready to go out of town. Had to draw money and pay Synnotts 30 pound and gave Shorty 17 pound for wireless. Fixed up Lodge cheques. Got car ready and then picked up mail, parcels etc and at Synnotts picked up 4 passengers and their gear and after a good bit of arand then ranging got everything on and left at 3pm. Rang up at 5pm from Avon. Went to McDonalds the big house. Mr Spratt and I tea on our own. Up to Mac’s after. Back and to bed.
Friday December 6th  1935:
Laft Avon this morning after wandering about and talking to all and sundry. A hot following wind made engine very hot and water boiled several times. Had a good run to Rankine and pulled up at store. My 3 bagmen passengers unloaded here. Roslyn much better after we arrived. Jim and I went p to police Station. Jim stayed for lunch. S.S books for Roslyn. Mr and Mrs Guggan arrives and had lunch at store. Jim and I went on to Alxandria. Stayed here. Sang songs and hymnbs after tea. Bill in the ran-tan(?)
Saturday December 7th  1935:
Am sitting on the verandah of Alexandria homestead in most pleasing and delightful company. Mrs Mundell is sitting along the end, crocheting some flowery material. Have cleaned carburettor on car this morning. Aftfer lunch took all the children, Mrs Mundell, Mrs J and Mr O to Ibis hole for picnic. Water very low. Kids and self went in for mud bath. Played hockey. Home and tennis. Hockey aftfer tea. Presented children’s school prizes. Had sing of hymns.

Sunday December 8th  1935:
.Got ready this morning and got ready for Brunette. Mrs M and Pat accompanying, also J Wilson. Stopped awhile both bores. Left books. Lunch Brunette. Sleep. Smoko. Drove with family to yards, water hole, garden. Talk after tea  on lawn. Prayer before bed.
Monday December 9th  1935:
Up at 4am for early start. Men start work early. Breakfast in kitchen.
Drove to Anthony’s, there by8am. Called Biondi’s then P.S. tea. Up to C.S,  tea there and on to Reilly’s, tea and beer. Beer very strong. Books here. Lunch at P.S. Back to Biondi’s and across to Creswell. George in own. Left and across to Brunette by 5pm. Very hot. Cleaned and lie on lawn. Same after tea. Prayer before bed. Watermelon spree here.
Tuesday Decvember 10th  1935:
Lsft Brunette with Mrs M and Pat. Went into bore and out again. Men working at No 6.
Good green feed here. Sick man J Taylor here. Very hot. Waited until 6pm and then left with him for Camooweal. Good run stopping awhile at Rankine. Picked up Brodey. Stopped at Avon and camped. Jack alright. Woke up Mac and J Spratt. J.S said take Taylor in in morning. Put Terry on verandah at Macs and slept.
Wednesday December 11th  1935:
Tried to ring Camooweal this morning but Avon line out of order. Sent Eileen a short note. Breakfast at big house. Left at 9am. Stopped for awhile at Rankine. On to Alroy, stopping at bore for lunch with red. Pulled cow out of bog. Reached Alroy and had sleep. Talked with others. After diunner had yarn and ate water melon. Slept out on lawn, very hot.
Thursday December 12th  1935:
Got ready to leave for Rocky but waited for wireless and then smoko. Left and called in at all bores. Took rations to Roger. Had blow out a mile from Rocky. Arrived and then cooled off in dam. Lunch and then talk and read and sleep. Another swim, enjoyed by all. Played with kids. After tea talked and then all to bed.
Friday December 13th  1935:
A full day at Rocky. George came home after breakfast and I went out to ore with him. Came home for lunch, with a swim just before it. Had a sleep for a bit and then fixed blow out, and oiled and greased up. Smoko and later a swim. Nearly drowned Mrs Mundell. Dinner and wireless practice. George home late. Talk and mail arrived. Bed.
Saturday December 14th  1935:
Loaded up after breakfast and, saying farewell, left. Let Mick Hall go ahead. Caught him up and passed. Waited at Rogers. Yarn and books. Mick went bush. We went on to Ernie. Smoko. Mick came and on. Left books at bore. Stayed awhile at Alroy. On to Alex. Clean up and dinner. Yarned and sang.
Sunday December 15th  1935:
A quiet morning and reading, talking. Playing with children. Singing. After lunch sleep and then over to dam. Great swim. New sensations. Most enjoyable. Played with kids. Supper Corroboree. Home and sing. Bed.
Monday December 16th  1935:
Spent this morning at Alexandria writing and cleaning up the car, oiling up etc and left there after lunch. Had a good run to Rankine where pulled up. Went up to Police Station., drank tea, collected letters and telegrams. Tea at store. Cars and lorries arrived. Old chap with 2 daughters going to Tennant. Girls sang and played after tea and then all went on. Stayed the night.
Tuesday December 17th  1935:
Waited around this morning expecting T.J Lloyd to accompany me but he backed out. Late breakfast. Went on to Soudain. Ted, Tom amnd Tom Grover here. Talked for quite awhile. Left books and on to Avon. Lunch with Mac. Stayed for afternoon and then up to big house. Cleaned and tennis with Doug. Tea with Spratts. Talked and bed. Rang Eileen.
Wednesday December 18th  1935:
Left Avon after breakfast and arrived town at 9.30am.Called at P.O and delivered mail and then up to se Eileen. Later delivered all parcels and letters and spent afternoon cleaning up at home and went out with Eileen. Same after tea.
Thursday December 19th  1935:
Up early this morning and several of us went out and carted ant bed for cricket pitch. Came in and broke it up and rolled it out. Same after lunch and watered and rolled it. After tea, went for swim to Rocklands.
Friday December 20th  1935:
Working on cricket pitch again this morning and several times during the day. Got some writing done in between times. Had some cricket practice and watered and rolled pitch. Went to Rocklands water hole but Eileen and I did not swim.
Saturday December 21st  1935:
Did some writing this morning and tuned the car up a bit. Played cricket during the afternoon. Picking up 2 scratch sides. Went for drive after tea.
Sunday December 22nd  1935:
Got the car all ready for te road by S.S. Grace and Tibby did not turn up. Fair attendance. Loaded up with all my passengers after lunch and left vat 2.15. Stopped at various places. Tea at Horse Lagoon. Isa at 9pm Mitchells. Eileen at Scanlons.
Monday December 23rd  1935:
A busy morning around the town and then at 11am saw Eileen off on the train. (To her family on the coast for Christmas?) Spent most of day doing business for self and others. Saw [patients at hospital. Went to pictures at night. Poor program. Home to bed.
Tuesday December 24th  1935:
By time did remainder of business and collected all parcels and passengers it was 11am when left Mt Isa. Lunch at horse lagoon. Harry here too. Called in at Yelvertoft. Drank tea. Very hot traveling. Home at 6pm. Spratt waiting. Several fights I missed during afternoon. Went children’s dance at night.
Wednesday December 25th  1935:
Father Xmas forgot me today. Held Communion service at 7.30am. 9 present. Had Xmas dinner at Reilly’s. Visited patients in hospital. Played cricket in afternoon. Had nice crowd at Community singing at night.
Thursday December 26th  1935:
Held picnic on Rocklands water hole. A big day enjoyed by all. Several exciting moments during the day. Popular girl competition cloased at night. Jean Farrell won.
Very excting finish. 101 pounds, 15 shillings and 6pence raised.  A great effort.
Friday December 27th  1935:
An off day. Very thankful for it too. Cleaning up. Played cricket in afternoon. Against the Rest. Had an early night to bed.
Saturday December 28th  1935:
Rolled pitch early. Got some writing done. Put up frame work for shelter shed. Played cricket in aftrnoon. Cricketers arrived from Isa. Attended Lodge and Cricket dance. Secy of both. Home and to bed very late.
Sunday December 29th  1935:
Up early and watered and rolled pitch. Marked boundaries, fixed tents, tables etc. Match commenced at 10am. Isa won. Team left at 4.20pm. Service at night. 9 present.
Monday December 30th  1935:
Had a good lie in this morning  and later cleaned up a bit around the place. Did some writing and visiting. Across at Synnotts for awhile. Very hot.
Tuesday December 31st  1935:
The last day of the old year. The time of making new resolutions. Writing this morning. Called to take chaps to Glenoble after lunch as their car broken down. Had dyre trouble going out. Left at 8.30 to return but more tyre trouble sent me back to homestead where I turned in and remained for the rest of the year.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS!    Howard and Eileen were married 1936 and relocated to Kerang, Victoria, where Judith (1937) and Graeme (1939) were born.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The romance strengthens amid travel and work.

Monday September 2nd  1935:
Helped Shorty rig wireless this morning and then acted as Inspector of the Childrens’ School lessons. Spent morning with them. After smoko all drove to Falls and spent a lot of time fishing and swimming. Showed p;ictures after tea and played billiards.
Tuesday September 3rd  1935:
Left right after breakfast and had good run to Thorntonia where had lunch. Went out 3 miles and dug up bottle tree and loaded on car. Big tree. Found broken front main leaf. Fixed and yarn at Undilla. Too late to go Morestone. Straight in. Tea at Synnotts. Father Rush and Bro Richardson in town.
Wednesday September 4th  1935:
 A busy morning attending to my multitudinous duties. All sorts of things to be done. Stiffy upset things by wanting a game of tennis and then out to Rocklands for swim. Eileen and Bro David came too. Drive after tea.
Thursday September 5th  1935:
Spent most of today writing. Lots of it too. Baby Comp. take up a lot of time.
Friday September 6th  1935:
Writing this morning and drove several out to shearing shed. Most of town there. Attended Church building meeting at night and a fair attendance.
Saturday September 7th  1935:
Writing and getting letters away by ordinary mail. Packed Schmidts belongings to be sent down. Got several to give me a hand erect wireless pole. Had tea afterwards. Got wireless working. Listened in for a while at night.
Sunday  September 8th  1935:
Got reading for S.School when car required take patient Mt Isa. Got it ready and T.J Cronin drove it in. Fair attendance at S.School. Baptised Burrs baby after lunch. Synnotts Stiffy and self went Campbells. 9 at evening service.
Monday  September 9th  1935:
Spent morning at home. After lunch drove car load to shearing shed. Home for tea. Wandered round with Stiffy. Played cards at Synnotts.
Tuesday  September 10th  1935:
Went dowm street with Eileen calling at P.O. Pedwells and Synnotts. After tea called for Eileen and came over here after walk.
Wednesday September 11th  1935:
Camooweal’s monthly big day. Working on building fund and other writing. Have to walk as car still in Mt Isa. Fixed cupboard doors at hospital. Had tea down at hotel, first time this year. Attended hospital meeting at night. Over early. Called Synnotts afterwards.
Thursday September 12th  1935:
Got some more writing done today although am still far behind. Car not yet back from Mt Isa. Eileen and I called and saw Mrs McKenzie this afternoon. Mac there and talked like an old woman. Went down to Wilsons for a while at night. Home and wireless.
Friday September 13th  1935:
Plane arrived this morning 24 hours late. A letter card from mum. Uncle Hilton died. Got more writing done and after lunch went Rocklands with Mr Stiff. Had tennis and swim. Nice shower of rain while in water. Big waves on Lake. Wireless and talk after tea and then home to bed.

Saturday September 14th  1935:
No car yet so spent 2 hours fixing Wilsons and discovered no spare so left it and went Rankine in Wilson Bates lorry. Burke Cant came too. I drove from Avon boundary. Lunch with Mrs Mac. Rankine at 4pm. Cleaned and tennis. Childrens’ party and concert at night. Bed at 12.30. Talked nearly all night.
Sunday September 15th : 
 Up early. Breakfast and tennis for a while. Loaded up on Avon lorry. Avon for dinner. Camooweal at 4pm. Eileen down at Richmonds. Told folk about Church. Got car at last. Fair number at service. Talked J Synnott. Home and bed.
Monday September 16th  1935:
Intended being very busy all day today but did not get too much done. Called round at Mosterts and then took washing round and talked for quite some time. Called and got Mrs Hart and baby at hospital and then took them home. Lit fire for her. Shopping. Lunch. Cleaning up and and writing. Taught Terry to Jump. Synnotts after tea. Mr Forrest and Cay Johnstone there.
Tuesday September 17th  1935:
Intended leaving for Mt Isa today where Lanham Hobbin are waiting but baby McVean very ill in hospital decided me to remain. Spent several hours at hospital. Praying for baby’s recovery. Got some writing done: cleaned car after greasing and putting in new leaf.
 Wednesday September 18th  1935:
Baby still very ill so still did not get away. Father and mother at hospital all day. Spent most of the morning there myself. Rang Avon and got Mrs McDonald to come in. Dr gives no hope but still praying. Terrible time for parents. Rand Hobbin snd told he and Lanham to come out here. Weather much cooler. Paid many visits to hospital.
Thursday September 19th  1935:
Called early at hospital and baby much worse. Came home and did some work after breakfast. Called up at 11.30 and stayed until 2.30 when baby died. A terrible experience during last 3 hours. Did what I could for patents but that was little. Made coffin at Wilsons and saw to all funeral arrangemnets. Hobbin and Lanham arrived at 6.30pm.
Friday September 20th  1935:
Finalized funeral arrangements early. Took coffin to hall. Held service there; big crowd and many floral expressions of sympathy. Mrs Riley fainted. Service at graveside and home. Crowd went out to border gate to see N.T. All went to Rocklands and had tennis and swim and then tea. Mrs S and Eileen and Matron came out after. Home at 10pm. Packed up and gotn ready for early start.
Saturday September 21st  1935:
Up at 3.15am. Roused all out. Went over and called Mr Drain and then Eileen. Made tea. Delivered bag grain. Picked up Eileen. All had drink tea and both cars left at 4.30am. Hobbin went bush at Nouranie?? Good run in. Took Eileen to dentist but has to have general on Monday. Tennis and pictures at night.
Sunday September 22nd  1935:
A good lie in this morning. Went round to Stantons. Conference after lunch with Hobbin and Lanham. Met train with Mrs Byers on. Church at night. Blasketts after Church.
Monday September 23rd  1935:
Took Eileen to hospital at 8.30 this morning and left her there. A busy morning then around town. Saw folk off on train. Ran Lanham to mines for car part. Helped him fix it. Got brakes adjusted on car. Called for Eileen at 4pm. Very sick. Home to Stauntons. Saw Mr Cronin in hospital. Also several others. Prayed over dying baby. Stayed with Eileen until pictures out.
Tuesday September 24th  1935:
A busy morning getting away which was not until 11am. A hot day for traveling. Mrs Byers very anxious to get home. Mrs Cronin not so well again. Saw her before I left. Arrived at 5pm. Dropped passengers and then Eileen. Lit fire. Tea at Synnotts. Early to bed.

Wednesday September 25th  1935:
Up a bit late this morning. Cleaned around the home, bathed Terry. Collected clean clothes. After lunch got Schmidts car out and got it in going order. Cleaned up and after tea played cards at Synnotts.
Thursday September 26th  1935:
Met the plane this mrorning with Schmidts car but Holloway did not arrive. Got letters away as well as program for sports. After lunch got more writing done and called on Hallins and Reilly on lodge business. Took Eileen for spin before tea. Aftare tea had practice on morse at P.O and later called at Synnotts.
Friday September 27th  1935:
Got some more writing done this morning and ready for ordinary mail. Fixed up a/c’s at Synnotts for petrol. Saw Don about playing accordion. After lunch drove Stiff and Synnotts to Glenoble. Spent afternoon in shearing shed, took movies. Had swim in tank. Left after tea. Home at 10.30pm. Drove Hudson and very nice to ride in.
Saturday September 28th  1935:
A busy morning getting more mail ready and posting same. After lunch went C.W.A hall and helped get ready for lodge. Cleaned and a game of tennis. Lodge after tea and called at Synnotts later.
Sunday September 29th  1935:
A nice crowd at S.S this morning but no teacher. Essie and Flora took small ones. Went Grassy in afternoon and took Mrs Campbell news of her sister’s death. Poor congregation at night service.
Monday September 30th  1935:
Had a clean up at the ranch this morning and took washing round to Mrs Mostert. Wrote a couple of letters. Went to C.W.A hall and wrote up minutes etc of lodge meeting. Called at hospital and did rounds with Matron. Mrs Cronin very sick again and word received she is to be operated on immediately. Called Synnotts late. Went for drive.
Tuesday October 1st  1935:   ( Mileage 8980 )
As soon as breakfast over greased car, petrol in and by lunch had car all loaded up and ready for road. Got mail. Wrote a couple of letters and posted them. Banked Church money. Called several places. Left town at 3.30pm. Stopped few minutes at Mudgee. Arrived Austral 5.30pm. Tea. Feed of mulberries. Got pictures ready and showed after tea. Kiddies very pleased. Talked for awhile and then bed.
Wednesday October 2nd  1935:
Spent this morning at Austral. Had talk to Mrs Day and others. Rewound all films. Walked around garden and took Terry for swim in the river. Miss Thomas went into Camooweal this morning with Mr Shaw to catch plane for Mt Isa. Mr Holloway piloted by Franklur (?), flew over at breakfast time heading for Avon. A barren desolate run from Austral to Lake Nash. Kath and Ted sleeping. Had tea, talk and later talk and c,ean up. Wireless after supper.
Thursday October 3rd  1935:
After breakfast this morning went across to Station kitchenand then up to big house. Tea with Mr and Mrs Patch and walk about garden. Yarn to Mrs Simonsen who told me all her troubles. Talk to Mrs Huddlestone. After lunch Kath Ted and I went Arcadia. Tea there then watched shearing. Inspected lighting plant. Back and after supper showed pictures at kitchen. Wireless and bed. Italy started war with Ethopia. Bedouree coming up.
Friday October 4th  1935:
Left after breakfast this morning and had trouble with leaves breaking in front spring and reached Headingley at lunch time. Spent whole of afternoon in making new spring out of old Ford leaves. Trouble in putting spring back. Showed pictures after tea. Several blacks in audience.
Saturday October 5th  1935:
Fixed car this morning and went into Urandangi. Called on folk and had lu8nch at hotel.. Went on to Walgra and stayed. Went to hut and listened in to Grand Final of Melbourne football. After smoko played Hutton at tennis. Ping Pong after tea and bed.

Sunday Oct 6th  1935:
Came into Urandangi this morning. Lunch at pub.Visited and held S.S  at 3pm. 8 there and all kids a bit troublesome. Tea at Elliotts. 8 at night service. Called on Mrs Reed. Back to Walgra.
Monday October 7th  1935:
Played Betty tennis before breakfast. Afterwards went down to shearing shed for day. Sold only 2 votes. A hot dusty day. Showed pictures when got back to Walgra and then bed.
Tuesday October 8th  1935:
Came to Urandangi after breakfast. Called on folk and after smoko on to Headingley. Delayed here until after lunchto baptise Sid Smith. Men had him very frightened. Called on pumpers at Sandwedgie and then stuck in sand. Used pull out. Called at Hughes. Had drink tea at No 6 Barclay and stayed night at Station.
Wednesday October 9th  1935:
After breakfast called on Ian/Van? and later left. Stopped Buckley amd Weroona bores and reached home at 11am. Delivered parcels, letters etc and collected mail.. Lunch at Reillys. Cleaned up and went hospital. Smoko with Matron. Eileen and I went down town. Ted and Kath came in with black boy for hospital. Hospital meeting at night and drive afterwards.
 Thursday October 10th  1935”
Got some writing done today and settled some a/c’s. Wrote up lodge returns and posted mail. Posted out programs of sports. Helped Eileen with the goats and then all got in car and went out to No 2 on Rocklands where we had a swim and then tea. Gramaphone and then packed up and home. Very hot day. Storms around but change S.E wind at night.
Friday Oct 11th  1935:
Spent most of then morning getting the car ready for the road and loading up. Had Wilder up to see me and ordered some timber through him. Left town at 3pm and had good run to Gallipoli. Red Dock at No 5. Went oon and sw Dargan and Amelia at No 7. Stopped few minutes at Herbertvale and picked up 2 bag men. Arrived Springs at 9pm. Charles here. Supper. Bed.
Saturday October 12th  1935:
On after breakfast. Called Lorne Crk. Only Ah Fat here. Stayed awhile at Adele’s Grove. Paw Paw and Watermelon. Mavis and Joyce here. Terrible life for them. Stopped a few minutes at Lawn Hill. Shot duckes at Archie Crk. Smoko at Punjaub. Rain here and big storm after leaving. Got through. Bagmen at race course. Home at Stadhams. Cleaned. Tea. Drive. Bed.
Sunday October 13th  1935:
Called on folk this morning and had S.S at 9.30am. 13 present. Town went out to Wolfgangs and sport day. Dragged hole and got good fish. After tea home. Service well attended. Home. Bed.
Monday October 14th  1935:
Cec and I took cars to lagoon and washed them before breakfast. Polioshed up afterwards. Bathed and cleaned. After lunch went to school. Called down town at store and hotel also Whelans. Went up and played championship doubles tennis. 6-1: 5-6: 6-5: 3-6: 6-3. Bill and I won. Pictures and social after tea. Very tired when bed time.
Tuesday October 15th  1935:
Spent this morning in visiting around the place. Hospital and other places. Loaded up car and after lunch picked up passengers Mrs T Carrington and Mr Rickerdin from hospital. Called at all places except Almora to Planet and stayed night here. Hot weather.
Wednesday October 16th  1935:
Left Planet. Came to Gregory. Stayed awhile at P.S. Gave Phil a telegram to send. Left for Lily behind Bill Miller. Caught him up and at Lily had lunch. Bill went on to Undilla. We went to Riversleigh. After smoko cut several heads of hair. Went out with Charlie and Rob for killer. Helped skin and dress. After tea played billiards and sing at piano.

Thursday October 17th  1935:
Had a day at Riversleigh. A read for awhile. Took prayers for children at school. Later on heard them read. Did some soldering. Fixed pump after lunch and all went for swim to junction. After tea had yarm and games and bed.
Friday October 18th  1935:
Left after breakfast and had lunch at Thorntonia. Picked Ernie up here who had cut face from horse falling. Stayed awhile at Undilla and then on to MOrestone. Rang Eileen but she was down at goat yard. She rang later. Cleaned and tea and yarn afterwards.
Saturday October 19th  1935:
Came into town by bores and had smoko with tank builders. Near Bullring put stone through sump. Patched up with soap. After lunch .istened in to Caulfieldm Cup and then went to Wilsons and took sump off and repaired. Finished at 7pm. Cleaned and went to lodge. 
Sunday October 20th  1935:
A hot day. Cleaned up at home. Call to take Don Ramsay to hospital. Burnt himself with fat. House nearly burnt. Good muster at S.S. Poor at night service. Held in C.W.A hall. Went on drive with Eileen in afternoon.
Monday October 21st  n1935:
Am in thick of arrangements for Carnival on Saturday, and on account of sickness and absences, most of work has now fallen to my lot. Eileen and I went to Rocklands after lunch and saw about cattle and horses. Got Jack to fix me up with a U bolt but no time to fix it in.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In the swim.

Thursday August 15th  1935:
Up early this morning and hopping in getting ready for the road. Mended puncture, changed oil, petrol etc. Attended meeting at hospital and then shire hall. Further packing up, writing, calling for parcels, delivering others, paying bills, gathering mail, picked up passengers and left at 4.30 pm. Arrived Avon at 6.30 pm and stayed McDonalds. Big crowd up at big house. Visitors and Alexandria folk.
Friday August 16th  1935:
After breakfast bathed Terry’s eye and then went with Mr Spratt to bores No. 5. 9. 6 and 8. Left books with Hill and Shankland. After lunch took car to garage and greased up and then started on adjusting brakes. Left this to McMillan and went off and played tennis. After tea fixed pictures and all went up to big house where shoed them, had supper and home to bed. About 15 at the pictures.
Saturday August 17th  1935:
After partaking of breakfast decided to do some writing and got letters away to White Rose Society Charters Towers and Rev Mills Brisbane. Wrote up diary. Mr Spratt broke down and came in at lunch time. I went out to 2 mile well and told Hedberg to bring in lorry. Left after lunch. Stopped Lawn Crk with Ted. On to Rankine. Had tea and loaded up with White family and David. Children’s concert and pictures at Alexandria. Played tennis. After tea held service and nice crowd there.
 Monday August 19th  1935:
Spent this morning at Alexandria where until smoko time played tennis. Then wound films, wrote up diary etc, had eyes tested, loaded up bus and after lunch left for Brunette. Met Brunette mechanic and others at Crow’s Nest. Smoko at Brunette and yarn at house which is being repaired. Had tea. Left for Anthony’s. 30 miles out got puncture, got out and saw stone had gone thru petrol tank. Patched with soap and camped.
Tuesday August 20th   1935:
Fixed up tyres and tubes this morning and ten had breakfast. Loaded up bus and came into Anthony’s. Passed Pioneer Tourist car. Called at store and Police Station where had lunch. Went up to Cattle station and started to mend hole in petrol tank. Big job. Hall came along later and helped. Finished, cleaned up and tea. Mrs McGoggin very nice. Yarned and bed. Peter Morrison cooking here.
Wednesday August 21st  1935:
Fixed up tyres and tubes again this  morning and left, calling at Police Station and store. Stayed store for lunch and afterwards baptized youngest Biondi and married oldest to J.Dalley. had to repeat ceremonies from memory as had left book at home. They knew nothing about it. Left for Brunette and arrived in time to get cleaned up and have tea. Yarned for awhile and then down to wireless room, listened in and bed.
Thursday August 22nd  1935:
Spent most of today helping mechanic reset springs o my bus. Lifted up the back quite a lot. Plane going to Singapore had Fox film man on who took several shots around the place. Left Brunette at 5.30 pm and just passed Armchair had another  blowout. Put on spare. Had supper at Crows Nest with Don Mulcahy. Arrived Alexandria at 10 pm. Talked and went to bed.
Friday August 23rd  1935:
At Mrs Johnstons request drove her to Camooweal in Oldsmobile. Good run in. Did business and tea at Synnotts. Picked up Harvey and Carpenter and left at 7.30 pm. Bill in very bad humor. Excitement on way when Mrs Johnston thought car on fire. Mrs J not very well so decided to stay at Avon. Had supper and turned in.
Saturday August 24th  1935:
Left immediately after breakfast. Called at Rankine P.S and store and bore on plain and Alexandria at 12 noon. After lunch fixed  tyres and tubes and loaded up and left for Alroy. Another blow out. Yarned at Alroy and then up to big house. Mrs Barnes here. Mr came after tea. Jack home too. Talked and bed.
Sunday August 25th  1935:
Left for Rocky after smoko. Met Bob Lobb, E Stanton and Tom Hare and the Rager en route. George not home. Had swim. Went out to bore where tank building. Held little service at night.
Monday August 26th  1935:
A day at Rocky. Went out 40 miles to where George working and men sinking bore.
E Kennedy came too. Kids in the back. Home after lunch. Had swim. Got pictures ready and showed at night. Talked afterwards.
Tuesday August 27th  1935:
Loaded up and left after breakfast. Baptised Mrs Warrens baby and Lulu’s before lunch. After lunch put tomatoes etc on and reached Rankine at 5.30 pm. Intended going on but too late so stayed. Not feeling too good. Played Harold billiards and lost 2 out of 3.
Wednesday August 28th  1935:
Up before daylight and had drink of tea at P.S (Police Station). Left with Mr White and reached Soudain at sunrise. Had breakfast and a yarn. Left and called at No 5. Picked up Bill Lawson. Called at Avon for a few minutes and reached Camooweal at 12 noon. Delivered mail etc. Sent wires and posted letters, fixed tyres with spares from Mr Schmidts. Eileen and I wet for a drive.
Thursday August 29th  1935:
Loaded up bus and left at 9 am for Gregory. Had Shorty and wireless on board. At Morestone letterbox  found_________ who had missed mail. Tooko him back into Morestone. Stopped few minutes at Undilla and at Thorntonia. Rupert gave us lunch. Good run to Gregory. Arrived 5.30 pm. Met some of folks and made camp at river near Ramsays. Half night rigging aerial.
Friday August 30th  1935:
Had swim and went up to hotel. Not a very big crowd about. Shorty tried out wireless but no answer from Camooweal. Went over to course. Met a lot. Great swim before tea. Went over to dance for a while at night. . Very poor crowd present.

Saturday August 31st  1935:
Swim after breakfast and before went up to store and  morsed to Cloncurry. Had big tennis match, when Bill and I played 5 sets winning 4. Another big swim and over to course and swim before tea and up to dance at night, where slept in car until others ready to come home. Supper and bed.
Sunday September 1st  1935:
Everybody up early. Saw all off. Went over to station  for awhile. Cleaned and car and swim. Lunch. Called P station and hotel. Left for Riversleigh. Arrived in time for tea.  Gramaphone and bed.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The work never stops!

Monday August 5th  1935:
The day after Sunday.Cleaning up and getting things in a bit of order. Cleaned yard and carted two loads of rubbish away. Fred came and carted me off to tennis. Weather very hot.
Tuesday August 6th  1935:
Just pottering around and nor getting anywhere. Have that much to do but do not seem to get it done. Fixed hall for novelty night and had big crowd there. Games etc, a few exhibitions with the gloves. Visited school for R.I.
\Wednesday August 7th  1935:
Do not seem to be making any headway with my work at all. Suppose its my bad management. Eileen’s arm improving but not yet right. Wrote up some correspondence and before tea had a game of tennis. Magicians stint on in the hall at night but did not go. Thursday August 4th  1935:
Kept going in one way and another with writing, going to hospital with patienteans attending to hospital needs, Lodge and school matters. Put pictures on at night and had quite a good crowd present.
Friday  August 9th  1935:
Getting ready this morning to go to Isa, when asked totake Mrs McVean in as seriously ill. Made bed in back and at 2.30pm left with Alister, Sister, McKenzie and Mrs McVean. A good run and all passengers had good trip. Left McKenzie at May Downs, Mrs McV ean to hospital where admitted at 8.45pm. Had feed at Wynnes left Alister and Sister at Smiths. Called Mitchells. Drove Rose home and bunked in car at Church.

Saturday August 10th  1935:
As soon as I arose cleaned out carburettor in car, then shaved and dressed and breakfast at Mitchells. Got all commissions executed and arrangemnets furthered for Baby competition. Married couple at 3pm. Collected all goods and other passengers, leaving Isa at 2.30pm. Boiled billy at Johnstones. Alister took wheel 12 miles out. Home at 12.30.
Sunday August 11   1935:
Called to hospital early this morning and stayed with Scott Stevens until he died. Went out very quickly. Aerial Dr came too late. S.S at 11am. Buff mtg at 2pm. Called Mosterts, Davidsons, Wilsons, Dawsons. Coffin to morgue and put body in. Only 5 at night service. 
Monday August 12th  1935:
Had a busy morning until 11.30 with arrangements for funerals and carrying out of same. Left hospital at 1.15am. Big crowd following. Buffs marched in regalia in front of hearse, a Dawsons lorry. 3 ceremonies at graveside. Church, Masonic and Buffs. Robby read Masonic, self the other two. Returned and took Eileen to hospital. A wasted afternoon. Several callers and got into book, neglecting all else. Practised a bit on the morse after tea. Played cards at Synnotts later.
Tuesday August 13th   1935:
A solid day at the writing desk and did not let up until 5pm when went down and had a game of tennis with Fred Murray. Mail in this morning. Got hall ready for games night and quite a good crowd present. Kept going until 11pm.
Wednesday August 14th  1935:
As soon as breakfast over had to go down and clean out hall. Very dirty, peanut shells everywhere. No plane in today, running 24 hours late. Got more writing done, reports etc finished. Hospital report written up. Attended hospital meeting at night. First night of new committee. Called later at Synnotts and Eileen and I went down to creek and saw Charlie Swan who said he was quite alright but who is really a hospital case.